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LocalForage is a library that improves the existing storage mechanism in the browser by using IndexedDB, WebSQL and localStorage, see more.

This caching mechanism is only recommended for the browser environments, see the example.

To get started with this caching strategy, install it:

yarn add @graphql-mesh/cache-localforage

How to use?

    driver: [WEBSQL, INDEXEDDB, LOCALSTORAGE] # LocalForage will try these methods in order and get the first compatible option

Config API Reference

  • driver (type: Array of String (WEBSQL | INDEXEDDB | LOCALSTORAGE), required)
  • name (type: String)
  • version (type: Float)
  • size (type: Int)
  • storeName (type: String)
  • description (type: String)
Last updated on July 27, 2022