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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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What's new with Apollo Client v3 and GraphQL Codegen

All the new features GraphQL Codegen adds to your type-system with the new Apollo Client 3

Dotan Simha Nov 30th 2020

Best Practices for integrating GraphQL Code Generator in your frontend applications

The GraphQL codegen library can generate code for multiple purposes. Make sure you get the most out of it.

Dotan Simha May 20th 2020

WhatsApp Clone using Angular, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL

An open-source full-stack example app made with Angular 7.2, TypeScript, GraphQL Subscriptions, GraphQL Code Generator, GraphQL Modules, PostgreSQL and TypeORM.

Niccolo Belli Feb 25th 2019

How I helped improve Angular Console

How I helped improve Angular Console. By doing GraphQL the right way

Kamil Kisiela Nov 30th 2018

Apollo-Angular 1.2 - using GraphQL in your apps just got a whole lot easier!

Check what's new in Apollo Angular and how to get the full potential benefits of using Angular + GraphQL + TypeScript combined thanks to GraphQL-Code-Generator

Kamil Kisiela Aug 21st 2018

Open source FPS with Apollo GraphQL — GeoStrike (Alpha)

A GeoReferenced Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game

David Yahalomi Feb 15th 2018

Build a WhatsApp Clone with Ionic 2, Angular 2, and Meteor

Build a WhatsApp Clone with Ionic 2, Angular 2, and Meteor

Uri Goldshtein Nov 30th 2016

GraphQL as a best practice for modern Angular apps?

In this post, I'll make the case for why Angular needs a best practice for communicating with the server, and why GraphQL should be that best practice.

Uri Goldshtein Jul 28th 2016