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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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New GraphQL Inspector and upcoming features

See what's new and shape the future of GraphQL Inspector together! It's entirely open-sourced!

Kamil Kisiela May 5th 2020

Schema Change Notifications in GraphQL Inspector

Stay up to date with changes in your GraphQL Schema. Receive notifications on Slack, Discord or even via WebHooks.

Kamil Kisiela May 4th 2020

Validate GraphQL Schema in any Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline

Detect breaking changes and identify possible issues in GraphQL API with GraphQL Inspector

Kamil Kisiela May 3rd 2020

Multiple environments and endpoints in GraphQL Inspector

Use different variants of GraphQL schema. Live and running GraphQL API as the source of truth of a schema.

Kamil Kisiela May 2nd 2020

Enable Remote Control in GraphQL Inspector

Intercept schema changes via HTTP and decide which changes are acceptable which are not and all of this through a serverless function.

Kamil Kisiela May 1st 2020

Introducing: GraphQL Inspector

Prevent breaking changes. Find broken operations. Get Schema Coverage. Check deprecated usage and type duplicates. All as part of your CI process

Kamil Kisiela Jan 18th 2019